YOU can be a fundraisingSUPERHERO!!

Every dollar raised helps to support the
children and families of Special Spaces!

1. Start as
soon as possible!  The earlier the better

2. Make a list of
every person you know — friends, family, neighbors, acquaintances, business associates and enemies. These individuals are your support team! If each team member asked 12 friends, family, guy on the street for $25 it's DONE! 

3. Set a
weekly goal that seems just out of reach. It will inspire you and the people you're asking for support. Figure out how many weeks left before the race.  For example:  22 weeks to race time - $68.18 per week!  Aim for $100!  or $1000! (we know you can do it for the kids)

4. If you don't know much about
Special Spaces just call us and will give you materials to handout!

5. Give to yourself. "
Donate a dollar to yourself now and then so that your total doesn't end in a "0" or "5". People will tend to add 4 dollars to their donation to round out the number. Works every time!"

6. We have set up a
Crowdrise fundraising pagefor each team.  Go to your page and add pictures and your story!  Send this link out to everyone you know! (this is good!)  

7. Many think the initial ask can be difficult, but it's easier if you tell everyone
WHY you are doing what you are doing. The excitement is contagious and your story will inspire others. Your commitment and passion will be the reason they choose to give you a donation! Remember, you aren't asking them to give YOU a donation, you're giving them an opportunity to make a difference in the life of a child battling a life threatening medical condition!

8. Keep your donors and your network updated your fundraising progress — they are a part of this
journeytoo. Who knows, maybe they'll make another donation! (or block your email)